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Billionaire Parenting

Give Your Kids the World




The children of today are our leaders of the future, yet they are teachers from the moment they step foot

on Earth.  Children will take on their parents’ positive qualities, but also their negative qualities.  The

patterns can continue to generations unless the pattern is altered.  This is why it is important to make the

best choices for how we raise our children up-front.  Their genetics, family and friend relationships,

experiences and schools all influence their development.



As parents and grandparents, we are often given so much advice and yet there are many differing viewpoints that lead to ambiguity.  Our children are like sponges absorbing how we react to situations.  This shapes their view of the world and of themselves.



It is imperative that parents are aware of the example they set for their children.  We must be very conscience of what we say to them.  Not only what the caregivers say about their children but what they say about themselves needs to also be closely monitored.  All of these experiences will influence how they view themselves as they grow up.  



The world needs the power of your child.  It needs his/her talents, gifts, love, light and power.  It is important that we see all these qualities with our own eyes in our children, foremost.  We all know that our children are the future leaders of this world.  We must foster the children to reach their fullest potential.  We must teach them to show us their wisdom and needs. Adults must respect them for who they are. Do our children really have problems or are they here to guide a world that is problematic and has lost its hope & purpose? 



While we try to teach children all about life, our children teach us what life is really all                                                           about!  The children are here to instill the lessons of hope, peace, empathy, compassion,                                                   kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and love. Watching the world through the eyes of our 

children can help us see a wider range of possibilities.  


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