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Chapter 16:

          FINDING THE

          REAL “U”

Billionaire Parenting Chapter 16 Review




  • Words carry energy, an actual frequency. So knowing that the word LOVE has the highest positive frequency and brings your state into a more fulfilled and empowered state. We need to eliminate the following words that may keep the guilty past and fearful future active in our minds. You should learn to “taboo” these words into your vocabulary and your household. Consequently, some of the negative words we are using in our lives have become second-nature. They represent a hidden victim language and they portray a negative cyclical pattern that is holding us back from our true potential.


    Impossible                    Can’t                       Try
    Limitation                      If Only                     But
    However                       Difficult                    Ought To
    Should                          Doubt


  • According to research, at least one third to a half of the worldwide population is introverted with uncanny abilities to provide innovative and creative solutions for the world. It is thru introverts, Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs), that we owe many of the greatest contributions to society. The most effective teams are composed of a healthy mix of introverts and extroverts, studies show, and so are many leadership structures.


  • According to Nybo, Hauge, and Sorensen’s “Identity Blueprint”, you need to investigate what is your primary motivator, the essence of who you are? You will recognize your unique essence because it gives you the reserves of energy that allows you to give of yourself.

    • If you are motivated by Power, you are a natural leader who seeks influence and can withstand great pressure.

    • If you are motivated by the Heart, you seek to establish good relationships between human beings, animals and nature.

    • If you are motivated by the Mind then you are a natural innovator, who seeks to find intelligent solutions to all the problems faced by human beings.

    • If you are motivated by Harmony, you seek harmony through your ability to identify with the contrasts of life and create stories or expressions that touch the hearts of those who witness your development.

    • If you are motivated by Knowledge, you will find it deeply meaningful when you are on the track of an important new discovery that can make a difference in people’s lives.

    • If you are motivated by Passion, you will find it deeply meaningful when there is a cause that you believe in with all of your heart and you have visionary abilities to see how the future could be.

    • If you are motivated by Action, you will find it deeply meaningful when you design or manifest an idea or a project on the practical level.

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