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Chapter 2:



      & MOTHER

Billionaire Parenting Chapter 2 Review




  • Among the mental and emotional changes linked to a fetus exposed to high levels of cortisol (stress) are insomnia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood-swings, fear disorders and the list goes on. Did you know that the mother’s emotions, inclusive of repressed ones such as fear, anger, grief, love or hope can biochemically alter the genetic expression of the offspring for generations to come?


  • Pathology discovered that there were more types of bacteria present within the vaginal canal of stressed mothers; however, the important bacteria, Lactobacillus was significantly reduced. The detriment of this is that science has discovered that the expression of 20 genes may be impacted by the decrease in Lactobacillus. Some of the genes being impacted related to the growth of synaptic connections within the brain and the production of neurons.


  • Studies revealed that babies that were circumcised had an accompaniment of increased blood pressure, increased heart rates, decreased oxygen level in the blood supply and an immediate surge of the cortisol stress hormone within their bodies. From a psychological perspective, recent evidence associated this experience with learning more memories of pain and fear. Ironically this is the same association that occurs during the childhood immunization process.


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