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Chapter 12:



         GIFTS TO THE


         EMPATHY &


Billionaire Parenting Chapter 12 Review




  • Dr. Kyle Pruett has stated that children’s brains develop empathy from birth to age eight years. Babies absorb the mental and emotional energy of the surrounding people. This is why babies with colic are normally around caregivers that have an extreme amount of stress. During this age gap, they do not filter anything; they simply receive the information similar to uploaded their beliefs and values into the judgments they will use to assess life choices. This is why it is critical that caregivers not only take heed of what they say but their actions and thoughts around children. It is also found that female brains have variations, which correlate with higher empathy levels than a male brain. This research supports the correlation for the higher depression incidences in females.

  • It does not matter what the form your anger takes (sarcasm, criticism, judgment, apathy, depression) when carrying around a burden of anger, fear, sadness or vengeance, you are asking for the same people to appear in your life. That is what is known as the “Secret – The Law of Attraction.” Energy in any form attracts energy similar to itself. When you are angry with another person, you continue to send negative energy to then, remember whatever you send out comes back to you, magnified. Most of us tend to repress

    these negative emotions by being busy with work (work-a-holics), watching TV, playing video games, over or under eating, drinking alcohol, smoking or doing drugs to numb the impact. Even after you stuff an emotion deep enough that you no longer feel it, it is still alive and causes damage to your physical body and acute and eventually chronic dis-eases. As John Gray says, what you feel you can heal, you must face your emotions so that they do not overrun your life.This is when you feel helpless/hopeless, aka “depression.”


  • Charles F. Haanel’s Master Key System is the basis for the original version of the Law of Attraction. Incantations have been utilized by infamous psychologist such as Carl Jung and are used to plant the seeds of positivity in your subconscious mind. Here are some effective ones to recite on a daily basis:

    • I am forgiving myself completely and will give myself the care and attention I need.

    • I am confident and will achieve all the goals I set for myself regardless of my environment and resources.

    • I am responsible for changing what I do not like about myself and all things are possible in life given they are performed one-step at a time.

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