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Chapter 7:

        YOU AND YOUR




Billionaire Parenting Chapter 7 Review




  • If the baby is born with the Cesarean Section, there may be a lack of cranial molding (asymmetric head shape) and skin sensory input. The skin sensory input may be a precursor to Autistic characteristics that in involve the deficiencies in the touch sensory. Much research has shown the impact of cranial asymmetry at birth and found it affected many issues such as: the potential preference during sleep or breastfeeding, head pain, sinus issues, allergies and personality disorder, headache, poor cervical biomechanics, chronic head and facial pain, or tiling of the head while swallowing.

  • In a growing child, it is imperative to prevent subluxation since it can prevent balance and coordination of the left and right side of the body. This will affect the proper formation for the left and right brain. This improper or delayed connection can make the child more prone to dyslexia or other learning disorders including poor social skills.

  • If medical interventions are involved during the birthing process (epidural, Pitocin, fetal heart monitor), there is a stronger likelihood of trauma to the baby’s spine and nervous system and a subluxation occurring. Research showed that it takes 2 weeks for a subluxation to be engraved within the nervous system as a bad pattern. This is why it is recommended to get at least your child evaluated by your chiropractic physician every two weeks in the first 3 to 7 years of their life. Subluxations that have not been corrected by chiropractic adjustments become embedded with scar tissues in the muscles, soft tissues and bones. Within 7-14 days, that layer of scar tissue becomes permanent and another layer forms.

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