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Chapter 9:



Billionaire Parenting Chapter 9 Review




  • Too often children sink to a world of their own when they are confronted by stress. They will seek time alone in their rooms, drift off, or get sucked into video games. When children try to escape stress through means of alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, frequent illnesses, sleep, overeating, or starving themselves; a permanent withdrawal can occur.

  • Because gifted children will have high expectations for achievement and put pressures on themselves to excel, it can lead to a very stressful life. The majority of them carry internalized fears of being mediocre. This is why they need intellectual stimulation. If it is too boring or monotonous, work or school becomes stressful or they focus their energy elsewhere which often results in them being misdiagnosed as having attention deficits. These children’s minds are always operating at simultaneous processing speed and as such they will look for more stimulating activities to help them feel alive and challenged.

  • Empathetic people already know where you are coming from by using their capacity to energetically merge with someone and feel everything they are feeling. Because most of them do not realize they are empathetic or possess this capacity. They often merge their own feelings with others (positive and negative) and get lost in that ocean of feelings, without realizing that it was attributable to someone else’s pain. If one has emotional scars and absorbs more negative emotion, their health might suffer and leave them hopeless, also known as depression. The majority of empathy is absorbed like a sponge. They will become stressed without noticing or realizing it.

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